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Connect Your Data


We're always looking for new data sources to integrate with OSO and deepen our community's understanding of open source impact. If you're a developer or data engineer, please reach out to us on Discord. We'd love to partner with you to connect your database (or other external data sources) to the OSO data warehouse.

There are currently the following patterns for integrating new data sources into OSO, in order of preference:

  1. BigQuery public datasets: If you can maintain a BigQuery public dataset, this is the preferred and easiest route.
  2. Airbyte plugins: Airbyte plugins are the preferred method for crawling APIs.
  3. Database replication via Airbyte: Airbyte maintains off-the-shelf plugins for database replication (e.g. from Postgres).
  4. CloudQuery plugins: CloudQuery offers another, more flexible avenue for writing data import plugins.
  5. Files into Google Cloud Storage (GCS): You can drop Parquet/CSV files in our GCS bucket for loading into BigQuery.
  6. Static files: If the data is high quality and can only be imported via static files, please reach out to us on Discord to coordinate hand-off. This path is predominantly used for grant funding data.

We generally prefer to work with data partners that can help us regularly index live data that can feed our daily data pipeline. All data sources should be defined as software-defined assets in our Dagster configuration.

ETL is the messiest, most high-touch part of the OSO data pipeline. Please reach out to us for help on Discord. We will happily work with you to get it working.