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Explore Ways of Contributing


There are a variety of ways you can contribute to OSO. This doc features some of the most common pathways, which you can explore further via the links on the sidebar.

Contribution TypeGitHub RepoDescriptionType of Contributor
Update Project Dataoss-directoryAdd a new project or update info for an existing project.OSS Projects, Analysts, General Public
Add Funding Dataoss-fundingAdd to our database of OSS funding via CSV upload.OSS Funders, Analysts
Connect Your DataosoWrite a plugin or help us replicate your data in the OSO data warehouse.Data Engineers, Developers
Propose an Impact Data ModelosoSubmit a dbt data model for tracking open source impact metrics.Data Scientists, Analysts
Share InsightsinsightsContribute to our library of data visualizations and Jupyter notebooks.Data Scientists, Analysts
Join a Data ChallengeinsightsWork on a specific data challenge and get paid for your contributions.Data Scientists, Analysts