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Data Overview

First, you need to set up your BigQuery account. You can do this by going to the Get Started page.

OSO Data Exchange on Analytics Hub

To explore all the OSO datasets available, check out our BigQuery data exchange.

OSO Production Data Pipeline

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Every stage of the OSO data pipeline is queryable and downloadable. Like most dbt-based pipelines, we split the pipeline stages into staging, intermediate, and mart models.

You can find the reference documentation on every data model on

OSO Mart Models

These are the final product from the data pipeline, which is served from our API.

For example, you can get a list of oss-directory projects

from `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.oso_production.projects_v1` LIMIT 10

or code metrics by project.

select *
from `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.oso_production.code_metrics_by_project_v1`
where project_name = 'uniswap'

Remember to replace 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' with the name of your project in the query.

Note: Unless the model name is versioned, expect that the model is unstable and should not be depended on in a live production application.

OSO Staging / Intermediate Models

From source data, we produce a "universal event table", currently stored at int_events. Each event consists of an event_type (e.g. a git commit or contract invocation), to/from artifacts, a timestamp, and an amount.

From this event table, we aggregate events in downstream models to produce our metrics. For example, you may find it cheaper to run queries against int_events_daily_to_project.

SELECT event_source, SUM(amount)
FROM `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.oso_production.int_events_daily_to_project`
WHERE project_id = 'XSDgPwFuQVcj57ARcKTGrm2w80KKlqJxaBWF6jZqe7w=' AND event_type = 'CONTRACT_INVOCATION_DAILY_COUNT'
GROUP BY project_id, event_source

OSO Playground

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We maintain a subset of projects and events in a playground dataset for testing and development. All of the production models are mirrored in this environment.

Source Data

GitHub Data

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GitHub data is predominantly provided by the incredible GH Archive project, which publishes a public archive of historical events to GitHub.

For example, to count the number of issues opened, closed, and reopened on 2020/01/01:

SELECT event as issue_status, COUNT(*) as cnt FROM (
SELECT type,, actor.login,
JSON_EXTRACT(payload, '$.action') as event,
WHERE type = 'IssuesEvent'
GROUP by issue_status;

Ethereum Data

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The Google Cloud team maintains a public Ethereum dataset. This is backed by the ethereum-etl project.

For example, to get 10 transactions from the latest block

from `bigquery-public-data.crypto_ethereum.transactions` as transactions
order by block_number desc
limit 10

Superchain Data

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OSO is proud to provide public datasets for the Superchain, backed by our partners at Goldsky.

We currently provide blocks, transactions, and traces for the following networks:

For example, to get deployed contracts from a particular address on the Base network:

txs.from_address as originating_address,
txs.to_address as originating_contract,
traces.from_address as factory_address,
traces.to_address as contract_address
from `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.superchain.base_traces` as traces
inner join transactions as txs
on txs.hash = traces.transaction_hash
LOWER(traces.from_address) != "0x3fab184622dc19b6109349b94811493bf2a45362"
and LOWER(trace_type) in ("create", "create2")

Remember to replace 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' with the name of your project in the query.

Farcaster Data

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Farcaster is a decentralized social network built on Ethereum. This dataset mirrors the dataset offered by Indexing for use in the OSO data pipeline. It includes casts, links, reactions, verifications, and profiles.

For example, to get the users with the most lifetime reactions:

r.target_cast_fid as fid,
json_value(, "$.display") as display_name,
COUNT(*) as reaction_count
FROM `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.farcaster.reactions` as r
LEFT JOIN `YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.farcaster.profiles` as p ON r.target_cast_fid = p.fid
GROUP BY fid, display_name
ORDER BY reaction_count DESC

Remember to replace 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' with the name of your project in the query.

Lens Data

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Lens Protocol is an open social network. This dataset mirrors the dataset offered by Lens for use in the OSO data pipeline. It includes data from the Polygon network.

Gitcoin and Passport Data

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Gitcoin is the hub of grantmaking in the Ethereum ecosystem. All project, round, and donation data from is available in this dataset and updated daily.

For example, you can get the total amount of donations mapped to projects in OSO:

with project_mapping as (
select distinct
gitcoin_lookup.project_id as gitcoin_id,
oso_projects.project_name as oso_name,
oso_projects.display_name as display_name
from `opensource-observer`.`gitcoin`.`project_groups_summary` as gitcoin_groups
left join `opensource-observer`.`gitcoin`.`project_lookup` as gitcoin_lookup
on gitcoin_groups.group_id = gitcoin_lookup.group_id
join `opensource-observer`.`oso`.`int_artifacts_in_ossd_by_project` as oso_artifacts
on gitcoin_groups.latest_project_github = oso_artifacts.artifact_namespace
join `opensource-observer`.`oso`.`projects_v1` as oso_projects
on oso_artifacts.project_id = oso_projects.project_id
from `opensource-observer`.`gitcoin`.`all_donations` as donations
join project_mapping
on donations.project_id = project_mapping.gitcoin_id

Passport is a web3 identity verification protocol. OSO and Gitcoin have collaborated to make this dataset of address scores available for use in understanding user reputations.

For example, you can can vitalik.eth's passport score:

from YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.gitcoin.passport_scores
where passport_address = '0xd8da6bf26964af9d7eed9e03e53415d37aa96045'

Remember to replace 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' with the name of your project in the query.

OpenRank Data

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OpenRank is a decentralized reputation protocol based on Eigentrust. In this dataset, Farcaster users reputations are scored in 2 ways:

  • With globaltrust, we calculate global reputation scores, seeded by the trust of Optimism badgeholders.
  • With localtrust, you can get reputation scores of other users relative to specified user.

For example, you can get the globaltrust reputation score of vitalik.eth

from YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.karma3.globaltrust
where i = 5650

Remember to replace 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME' with the name of your project in the query.

Subscribe to a dataset

1. Data exchange listings

For datasets listed on the OSO public data exchange, click on the "Subscribe on BigQuery" button to create a new dataset that is linked to OSO.


This has a few benefits:

  • Data is automatically kept live and real-time with OSO
  • You keep a reference to the data in your own GCP project
  • This gives OSO the ability to track public usage of models

2. Direct access to datasets

For datasets without a listing on the OSO public data exchange, we make the dataset open to public queries for direct queries. Click on the "View on BigQuery" button to go straight to the dataset.

You can star the dataset to keep it in your project.


Next steps

Once you've subscribed our datasets to your own Google project, you can start to run queries and analyses with a variety of tools.

Here are a few to start: