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OSS Directory contains structured data on as many open source projects as possible, enumerating all artifacts related to the project, from source code repositories to published packages and deployments. You can get the data via our npm library or downloading the data directly from GitHub.

Directory Structure

The OSS Directory is organized into two main folders:

  • ./data/projects - each file represents a single open source project and contains all of the artifacts for that project.
    • See ./src/resources/schema/project.json for the expected JSON schema
    • Files should be named by the project "slug"
    • Project slugs must be globally unique. If there is a conflict in chosen slug, we will give priority to the project that has the associated GitHub organization
    • In most cases, we adopt the GitHub organization name as the slug. If the project is not associated with a GitHub organization, you try to use the project name followed by the repo owner as the slug.
  • ./data/collections - each file represents a collection of projects that have some collective meaning (e.g. all projects in an ecosystem).
    • See ./src/resources/schema/collection.json for the expected JSON schema
    • Collections are identified by their unique slug

NPM Library

OSS Directory is a library that you can use in your own projects. This may be useful if you want to build a tool that uses the data in this repository or perform your own custom analysis.


Install the library

npm install --save oss-directory
# OR yarn add oss-directory
# OR pnpm add oss-directory

Fetch all of the data

You can fetch all of the data in this repo with the following:

import { Project, Collection, fetchData } from "oss-directory";

const data = await fetchData();
const projects: Project[] = data.projects;
const collections: Collection[] = data.collections;

We don't store the entire dataset with the npm package. Under the hood, this will clone the repository into a temporary directory, read all the data files, validate the schema, and return the objects. This way, you know you're getting the latest data, even if the npm package hasn't been updated in a while.

Direct Download from GitHub

All of the data is accessible from directly GitHub. You can download OSS Directory directly from GitHub.

Or, clone the repository from the command line:

$ git clone

Feel free to use the data in your own projects!

Python Library


Coming soon... To track progress, see the issue on GitHub.