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· 11 min read
Carl Cervone

Open Source Observer is a platform for measuring the impact of open source software (OSS) contributions. We are one of the 24 projects in Octant's Epoch 2 funding allocation.

We used our dataset to take a quick snapshot of the collective impact of Octant's funding on the OSS developer community. In Epoch 2, Octant is helping support:

  • 23 projects with at least some OSS component to their work
  • 322 GitHub repos with regular activity
  • 542 developers making regular code commits or reviews

In the last 6 months, these 23 projects:

  • Attracted 556 first-time contributors
  • Closed over 5,608 issues (and created 5,962 new ones)
  • Merged over 10,817 pull requests (and opened 12,443)