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Connect to 3rd Party Tools

OSO datasets and models are public and can be accessed on BigQuery. This allows you to connect and explore the data using various tools.

Subscribe to an OSO dataset​

First, we need to subscribe to an OSO dataset in your own Google Cloud account. You can see all of our available datasets in the Data Overview.

We recommend starting with the OSO production data pipeline here:

Subscribe on BigQuery

Connect your third party tool​

BigQuery has built-in support in many BI, notebook, and data analysis tools. These tools typically offer many visualization and exploration tools well-beyond what you can query in the BigQuery Studio.

To see how to connect to a specific tool, check out a specific guide:

Hex example​

For the rest of this guide, we'll use Hex as a running example.

First, you'll need to create a service account in GCP and download the JSON key file. Click here to navigate to the credentials page on Google Cloud.

Click "+ Create Service Account":

create service account

Grant this new service account the "BigQuery User" and "BigQuery Data Viewer" roles:

permission service account

With the newly created service account, navigate to the "Keys" tab, and click "Create New Key". Create a new JSON key and download the file.

service account keys

In your Hex project, navigate to the "Data browser" pane and click "BigQuery" under "Add a data connection".

Hex connect

Fill in the connection details. Use the GCP project that you previously subscribed the OSO dataset into. You also need to copy and paste the entire contents of the JSON key file you downloaded earlier.

Hex add connection

Give hex a minute to refresh the available datasets. Once that is done, you should be able to browse the OSO datasets in the "Data browser" pane. Now try running a query on the OSO dataset!

Hex query

Share your work!​

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