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Code Style Guide

dbt Models

We generally follow the dbt style guides for mart and field names. We recommend reading through these official style guides first:

Optionally, there is an excellent blog piece on best practices in naming for your stakeholders

In addition to the official guides, we follow these additional guidelines:

  • Use consistent naming: Ensure consistent naming in all int tables. For example if we use artifact_namespace, do not rename this to source, network, domain, or chain somewhere else.

  • Avoid complex marts: Push all complexity to intermediate tables. Marts should simply be a direct copy or less granular version of an intermediate table.

  • Enumerate all columns explicitly in models: concretely, this mean

    • Avoid using * statements in a mart model. This makes it easier to trace any changes through version control.
    • Avoid using positional arguments (i.e. GROUP BY 1, 2, 3). This can lead to easy bugs if columns get re-ordered
    • Avoid using acronyms or single-letter names. Prioritize easy-to-understand names over speed.