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  • Database >> Extensions
    • Enable the "plpgsql", "plv8" and "pgjwt" extensions
  • Authentication >> Providers
    • Turn on the Google provider
  • Authentication >> URL Configuration
    • Add allowed redirect URIs
      • http://localhost:3000/**
  • Settings >> Authentication
    • Turn on "Allow new users to sign up"

Run the Supabase migrations to create the tables and functions required for the OSO project.

cd frontend/
pnpm supabase db push
  • Authentication >> Hooks
    • Enable the "hasura_token_hook" hook under the "public" schema


For updating the database schema or functions, make sure to put it in a migration.

pnpm supabase migration new

After editing the migration, you can apply it to production with:

pnpm supabase db push

If you need to see which migrations have been applied, you can run:

pnpm migration list

For more details, check out the Supabase docs.